Breakthrough Community


Develop Your Business. Automate Your Marketing. Rediscover Freedom. Together.

A community, led by Jay & Indya Oakes, designed to transform your business into one that supports the very life you set out to create.
To the misfits, the renegades, those who don’t fit expectations, those with adventure in their souls…
Do you remember your dreams? The vision you started out with? The future you were going to create?

You started with dreams unending and fearless goals. The sky was the limit and the future was yours, and no one – or their expectations – was going to hold you back.

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You desired to create the future of your dreams. One where you could work as you wanted, with a schedule you designed, all while still being able to play to your heart’s content, experiencing life to the fullest and living with abundance.

But one day, you realized that things had changed.

No longer were you waking up to wonder, excitement, and anticipation, but rather to dreariness, fatigue and stress.

Your business had taken on the form of a life-draining, dream-sucking, all-consuming monster instead of what it was supposed to be; a beacon of hope for you, those you serve, and those who followed you.

We get it.

We understand your passion and your desire to create something remarkable.

We understand your desire to create something that brings you life and allows you freedom.

We know what it’s like to yearn for a future that you can’t seem to grasp just yet.


Because that’s us too. We don’t fit inside their box. We don’t fit the status quo.

And we don’t want to… because we have dreams and desires far bigger than they can understand or comprehend.

So, it’s time to step away from the stress.

It’s time to recalibrate.

It’s time to get outside perspective.

It’s time to create the business that would support the very life you set out to create. One that fuels your soul, one that charges you with vision, and one that ignites passion and adventure deep inside of you!

The world needs you and the gifts you offer more than you know because your value is high.

The adventure starts here.

This Coaching Community Includes:

  • Half-Day Intensive to Create Breakthrough Blueprint
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • One-on-One Coaching Sessions as Needed
  • Quarterly Goal Check-In