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Episode #70 – Willing to Pivot with Adam McCoy Part. 2

If life promises change, should your business stay the same? Pivoting tends to happen during seasons of change, struggle, or necessity. But that pivot, that adjustment, could be exactly what your business needs to truly succeed.

Adam McCoy, Entrepreneur, Artist, Founder of Treelines Northwest, and  Cedar Creek Printing, join Jay & Indya to share his captivating journey of starting out by racing motocross, to owning a skate/snowboard shop, to overcoming the 2008 economy and other financial setbacks, to developing an underground brand, to creating a print shop, to overcoming the 2020 shutdown, and so on. This is an episode you don’t want to miss.

See what Adam is working on: @treelines_northwest



Entrepreneurs shouldn’t be stuck…it’s unnecessary, it’s frustrating, and unfortunately, it’s where most of us end up landing. Your business should serve you, your dreams, and the future you set out to create. So let’s destroy the myth that you have to work 60, 80, or 120 hours a week in order to make your dreams a reality. 

This is the Marketing Breakthrough Podcast. Let’s get to it!

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